Not just a car: the video you will mourn today

offends me deeply that someone tries our crown jewel and most soulless, emotionless. Is it possible to fall in love with a car? It is a machine, and has feelings. But we can feel feelings for a machine in addition to transport us, we are excited at the wheel and makes us feel alive. “It’s just a car,” repeated the leading transportation soulless appliances. The thugs they are. This video proves once and for all that a car is not just a car.

Please, can make you mourn with emotion.

“It’s just a car”, we often say. They are wrong, flatly.

It was 1965, and a young parent acquired an Chevrolet Impala SS . A huge V8 coupe with a muscle car of the time, in which everything was great and all consuming fuel. The father kept the car that used to impress your kids and take them everywhere for 20 years. But in the mid-80 I had to sell, times were hard and money was needed . Almost 25 years later, their children decide to buy the same car as his father once enjoyed. The same unit, with the same frame.

I found a few kilometers away, in the state of Pennsylvania. But just before you buy a dealership in Montreal takes him to Canada. Without thinking twice, ordered Canada and bring appear with the car in a park where the grandfather and playing with her grandchildren. Yes, it’s a Chevrolet marketing campaign a few years ago. But tell me that emotion is not real. Tell me that the car does not unleashed a torrent of emotions overflowed its former owner. Dare to say now that a car is only a car.

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