Not, not have produced 700 units of the BMW M4 GTS, have been more


At the beginning of 2014 the German brand will introduce the new BMW M3 and BMW M4. Sharing mechanical and the technical part, virtually the only difference between the two was in the body and in the habitability of the squares later, being virtually identical in terms of the dynamic behavior is concerned. But BMW wanted to launch a more upscale version and prestacional in the coupe, the M4, and presented the BMW M4 GTS.

Allegedly, and from the beginning, production of the exclusive and radical BMW M4 GTS was limited to 700 units. However, and now that you have all been produced, we have been able to know that the number of units manufactured has exceeded that figure of the was talked about at the beginning; something that just not too fond of the owners who sought to find some profitability at the time of selling in the market of occasion. In any case, it will be worth more in the second-hand market that that cost a dealer.

BMW M4 GTS 2016

According to Bimmerpost, total have produced nothing less than 830 BMW M4 GTS, many more of which were said in their day. In addition, we can know where they have gone to each one of them. Apparently, the 830 produced, 803 have been destined for customers, of which 278 have been in the european market and with the steering wheel to the right, 120 more units to Europe but with the steering wheel on the right side and 405 exclusively for the united States. The 27 remaining have been to the mark, with the object of presentations, tests, samples, events, etc

The main differences of the BMW M4 GTS in respect of a BMW M4 normal are the more power, 6-cylinder, turbocharged, thanks to the water injection in the intake to lower temperatures and thus extract higher performance that raises the power up to the 500 HP, a body kit much more sporty, with profiles very aerodynamic and a back spoiler of large size, a whole lot lighter thanks to the use of materials such as carbon fiber in many parts of the body, the absence of the squares later and roll cage, brake carbocerámicos and a long etc. All this allows for some benefits, such as the 0 to 100 in 3.8 seconds or a top speed of 305 km/h.

Source – Bimmerpost

BMW Series 4

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