Not one, but 5 copies of the new Mercedes A-Class of 2018 video


the interior of The new Class A.

Recently we were lucky enough to stumble over one of the most recent test drives of the new Class A. This is what happened in the north of Europe, where usually the German mark performed their tests in winter, allowing that we could get closer to their new design details.

That drive showed us your new dashboard, completely digital, one of the biggest novelties of this new generation, which has elements already seen in other models of upper segments of the German house.

In the video that we have below we can see up to 5 copies of the new Class of 2018, departing in convoy to the premises of the brand in Germany. The video has been recorded from some distance away, and we understand that with any mobile device, so that it does not allow us to see them as in detail as when we analyzed recently the prototype described above.

The new A-Class will be something more streamlined, more low and wide, however, their volumes and shapes will continue to be very similar. In these moving images are seen slightly new proportions of the model, that even camouflaged it saves a lot of similarity with respect to the current generation.

Is based on an evolution of the platform MFA, named MFA2, and allow that the total mass is reduced in part. The new Mercedes A-Class will be presented in the next Frankfurt show 2017, which is held at the end of summer, in September.

One of the biggest novelties of the new model is not the we should arrive at
see in Europe, so Mercedes will premiere a new sedan body
. This will complement the range of the Class in some markets,
like China, where these bodies have a lot of acceptance. But without
however, not we will come to see in Europe, like the BMW 1-Series sedan.