Not Photoshop, it’s an Audi R8 become a Škoda, called R200 Non-Fiction


After 40 years, the Škoda 130 RS back to life by the hand of a prototype that is based al Audi R8 . This is the Non-fiction Škoda RS would come to production in a limited series of 25 units .


E l Czech manufacturer Škoda does not want to stay out of the tributes to historic cars. This time the turn touched the legendary Škoda 130 RS , a rally car that this year celebrates its 40th anniversary . To mark the occasion, the designer Petr Novák reinterpret in modern classic of the seventies key after work over 18 months, which called Škoda R200 Non-Fiction.

Novák worked on a Audi R8 first generation although convenient amended in its exterior and interior, to give it the typical features of the model of Czech origin, which was nothing less the most successful car brand in its history careers.

The Škoda 130 RS reborn with a prototype that ensure will be produced in series.

With a general appearance that does not go unnoticed, especially by its round headlights fitted with a front and rear lights that somehow evoke Lamborghini. Moreover, the motor located in rear position, is a tribute to RS 130. Novák working together with Metal Hoffmann , a company that does work for Volkswagen, Volvo and Bentley.

Is that the idea is to achieve take the R200 Non-Fiction into production , in a limited series about 25 units , with a selling price which will be located in some 250,000 euros .

Under the hood the R200 Non-Fiction inherits the propeller Audi R8, ie V8 4.2 liter produced 420 horsepower and 430 Nm of torque. The block is associated with a manual six relationships and traction on all 4 wheels via Quattro system, a mechanical assembly that reaches for exceed 300 km / h and reach 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds.





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