Not suitable for purists: possibly one of the Lotus Esprit more interesting planet

Petrolicious brings us a new story in video. The history of what is possibly the Lotus Esprit more interesting on the planet. It was bought by Spencer Canon, owner of Ritte Cycles, a u.s. manufacturer of road bikes, very exclusive. What is certain is that the Lotus Esprit was in a very bad state when you purchased it, and decided to transform it in the preciousness that is in your screens. A car that is not suitable for purists, but that possibly has much more spirit, that when he came out of the factory.

Remove the deteriorated paint of the car starting was the biggest challenge of Spencer Canon.

The Lotus Esprit is a car, a both unknown. All what we know, but not enough. Designed by the Colin Chapman, was one of the first vehicles to experiment with materials and compounds, non-traditional, always with the quest for lightness in mind. The issue of Canon is one of the most lightweight, and features a body kit with a handcrafted, built at the base of the holes left by the badly damaged vehicle from starting. The tires are not original, nor the beautiful paint bittern.

A paint of blue colour that I have stolen the heart and which served as the basis of inspiration for a new bike from Ritte Cycles, a model named Ace. Spencer also lightened the car as much as possible, replacing some vents or replacing the electric motor of the windows by a simple belt. The interior was left in a state quite original, with that beautiful light green of their watches flooding smoothly to the driver. It is not a Esprit for purists, but it is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.

engine turbocharged four-cylinder is one of the versions without intercooler, with a power of about 200 HP, and is connected to a manual gearbox five relationships. If you look at the knob’s so nice that Spencer has placed the shift lever. The car moves surprisingly well for its power, and it is really a machine enviable to any fan of the cars. Definitely, a car in which we should investigate more, if it is able to give rise to creations as diverse.

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