Not you going to believe: that plugs into the new Model S “snake” Tesla


it was one of the news with this year we uprooted. Tesla was working on an automatic hose, a snake articulate without our intervention to find the charging connector and automatically plugged . We think that this solution is more than a technology designed for user comfort of an electric car. While it is true that you plug the car without even get off of it, it’s as comfortable minimum. We speak of an essential for the development of electric cars and autonomous technology. If your car is able to drive without your intervention, it is also reasonable to charge on their own, do not you think?

Tesla has announced articulated prototype that, by its appearance, and mechanism closely resembles a snake . This device would be able to pivot to find the exact position of the plug and connect. It’s a fairly sophisticated idea, if we consider that is not the only solution of its kind that we could choose to recharge an electric car without a human connect the plug. This system, which will probably reach its customers, it would be compatible with any Tesla Model S, regardless of the year it was manufactured.

Indeed, a few days ago Volkswagen showed us his only V-Charge system intended not only an ideal organization, optimized, independent garages for cars, but also of their autonomous load. And in the case of Volkswagen to a solution, shocking as it may be, it is not really more sophisticated than the snake was resorted Tesla. Volkswagen, like other manufacturers, advocated an inductive charging system , which requires that the car is plugged by any connector.

Charger prototype finding its way to Model S.

– Tesla Motors (TeslaMotors) August 6, 2015

The electric car that you charge your batteries without being plugged into the network is awesome, that’s true. But you do not deny me the snake Tesla Motors much cooler …

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In motor: Tesla works in an “automatic hose” to recharge their electric

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