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800,000 kilometers

We promise that you will not do suffer this time (do you remember that you did not change the engine oil at 135,000 kilometers?). What we bring this time is further proof that good maintenance can cause an engine to resist, like a champion, for hundreds of thousands of kilometers . And is that as incredible as it is, what you see is the engine of a Ford Escape Hybrid 2008 (Reddit) that has been in service in the Big Apple, New York, over the years, covering a whopping 800,000 kilometers . How so has their owner for this SUV Hybrid has stood seven years of intense work that suffers a taxi in New York?

Your engine is in danger: Why do not you jugártela when changing the oil ?

The first lesson, and most important, make proper car maintenance. Its owner admits that this engine has received an oil change every three weeks . In view of the mileage, that would mean less oil change every 10,000 kilometers. As they discussed in Jalopnik, the old Ford Crown Victoria oil change every two weeks. After 500,000 miles 804 672 kilometers, the 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid, with its original engine completely revised, it shall be clothed in “civilian”, to end his days in the service buyer that acquires. [1.99901 million]

Its owner says that also brakes replaced once a year often very commendable for a car of its size, that life making short trips in town happens. Other taxis in the Big Apple have to change several sets of brakes per year, by the intense use made of the cars serving in New York. At that point it is likely that its hybrid mechanics has helped, and much, to preserve the brakes in good condition. Speaking of hybrid mechanics, also it recognizes that the batteries, if I’m not mistaken at that time were of Ni-Mh, have resisted without problems and that they believe support better over time than those used by the Prius and Camry.

In motor This is looking like an engine oil has not changed at 135,000 kilometers [1.99901 million]

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Your engine is in danger: Why do not you jugártela when changing the oil



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