Nothing less than 300 HP could surprise us by the Hyundai i30 N

hyundai-i30-turbo (2)the arrival of The Hyundai i30 Turbo to the market meant the arrival of the brand in the segment in the compact sports. Although this landing we found more than decaffeinated coffee meeting with a good product, but too little radical for the segment to which it is directed. If well, as they say, is not as you start out if you do not as it ends and that is that the Turbo version is only supposed to be the first hit. After him will come the Hyundai i30 N, a model that has been talking about these months, but now surprises us with the possibility that it may offer 300 HP.

And it would be a surprise, no doubt. The first reports ensured that the Hyundai i30 N, which should reach the market in 2017, would be an updated version of the engine 1.6-liter turbo that moves the i30 Turbo. The 186 horsepower than development this past fall a 250 HP for the variant N, moving in the field of others like the Ford Focus ST, Volkswagen Golf GTi or Renault M├ęgane RS.

hyundai-i30-turbo (1)Refuting this rumor today comes to us a juicy news. Hyundai could be considering the fact of placing in the bowels of i30 N the mechanics of the Hyundai RM15, the concept presented by the south Korean company in the Auto Salon Seoul. The same was mounted on a 2,0-litre T-GDi that developed 300 HP and 383 Nm of torque. The force was sent to the rear-wheel drive, and with it was able to accelerate from 0-100 km/ in just 4,7 seconds.

it is Still too soon to draw conclusions, although it would not be at all far-fetched. The prototype Hyundai RM15 may be a preview of his new label sports N. Also, the company could be flirting with the fact of providing all-wheel drive for the sport model. Rumours for those who just wait.

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