Notice! The M30 limits its speed to 70 km/h for the contamination (if it persists, may restrict the movement by odd-even license plate)

long time we have been advertiéndolo. Madrid has a serious problem with pollution, up to the point that, to at least offset by, measures shall be taken to restrict the traffic that starts with the adopted today – reduce the maximum velocity in the M30 to 70 km/h – and continue limiting access to the city centre by odd-even license plate. Why it has taken this measure? What can be the upcoming restrictions if the levels go down?

The protocol of measures for pollution episodes entered into force on 1 march 2015. It is a series of emergency measures, in function of the concentration levels of NO2, provided by the European Directive 2008/50. These measures are based on three levels of action, the Pre-notice, Notice, and Warning. Now we come to the activation of the Alert level, due to the fact that during two consecutive days, has exceeded the level of Pre-Warning (two stations of a same area have exceeded 200 micrograms/m3 NO2, or at two stations of the same zone have been exceeded 250 micrograms/m3 during two consecutive hours).


  • In these moments, we have begun to implement the measures of restriction of the traffic Phase 1. That will limit the speed on the ring road central Madrid, the M30, to a maximum of 70 km/h. Let us remember that in the greater part of the exterior areas of the M30 the usual limit is 90 km/h. Also it will limit the speed to a maximum of 70 km/h on all roads of access to Madrid, from the height of the M40. What’s next?

    If the situation does not improve and we are facing three days of Pre-notice or two days ‘ Notice in a row, we would be in the Phase 2, which will prohibit the parking of vehicles by non-residents, except commercial, in the area BE (that is to say, in the area regulated under O. R. A.)

    If the situation continues without improvement, and there are three days of Notice followed and we went into the Phase 3, will be launched on the restriction to access to the central core of Madrid. That is to say, there will be restrictions depending on the parity of fees for access to the interior of the M30.

    If the situation is still getting worse more to the point we entered the level Warning (Stage 4), the restriction according to parity of enrollment will also be extended to the M30, as well as the area that remains in its interior.

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