Novitec is willing to take electric cars and modifies a Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X preparado por Novitec

So it looks like the Tesla Model X prepared by Novitec.

little by Little the preparers of cars most historic of the industry are allocated more resources to put in place specialized divisions in the modification of electric vehicles. Since companies such as T Sportline were created with the sole aim of developing packages of improvements for the models of Tesla, the rest of the companies related to the tuning could not stay back and cede market share.

A clear example of this situation as we have with Novitec. One of the preparers germans more recognized at the international level has launched its specific department for the electric cars of Tesla and has unveiled its first package of improvements. Does the chosen model? Neither more nor less than the Tesla Model X. it Is the first time that, officially, Novitec dares to modify a vehicle mechanical 100% electrical.

The result is quite interesting because we are faced with a full program of settings including from details, purely aesthetic to others that are related with the aerodynamics of the SUV with capacity for up to seven passengers. Just take a look at the pictures that accompany the article to realize the new image that now looks like the Model X after passing through the hands of the guys from Novitec.

Tesla Model X preparado por Novitec

The preparer Novitec introduces all kinds of enhancements for the Tesla Model X.

Has been installed an interesting body kit carbon fiber composed by a spoiler up front, side skirts and a rear spoiler custom. Some of these items can be ordered in the same color of the bodywork or leave them with a finish to “bare” carbon fiber. In its design, special emphasis has been put on improving the aerodynamic performance of the electric car american.

If we put special attention on the side, the most striking thing you’ll see is, without a doubt, some alloy wheels 22 inches, designed by Vossen Wheels. They are very light and are available in 72 different colors. Optionally you can also opt for a polished finish or brushed.

finally, and not least, we have the new brakes carbo-ceramic high-performance Novitec. Remain on view, thanks to the new wheels that have been shod. The new braking system is offered in two different versions. For a part we have a few with vented rotors with a size of 380 x 34 millimeters and six-piston calipers. The second option is the most advanced since the rear discs are replaced by rotors carbo-ceramic 360 x 28 mm and four-piston calipers.