Novitec makes the Ferrari GTC4Lusso a beast more refined

Ferrari GTC4Lusso Novitec Rosso

So it looks like the new Ferrari GTC4Lusso equipped with the package of upgrades from Novitec Rosso.

After a time without news to report, the guys of Novitec Rosso become high for everything and they do it with a full adjustment program for the Ferrari GTC4Lusso. The division of Novitec Group specializing in the modification and preparation of the supercars of Ferrari has unveiled its new package of improvements that make this model of four-seater, a vehicle more refined, elegant and exclusive.

With the objective of optimizing and improving the performance of this Shooting Brake-line coupe, all the designed components for the body of the Ferrari GTC4Lusso have gone through your relevant session in the wind tunnel. Now, its aerodynamic performance is even greater. But, what components is it composed this body kit carbon fiber? In addition to two new spoilers front, we will find a new entry, central air, steps, wheel, covers for the exterior mirrors and a new rear diffuser.

As could not be otherwise, have been footwear around alloy wheels forged Novitec NF4 with a size of 21 and 22 inches (front and rear axle) and available in virtually any color you can imagine. The rims are wrapped in tyres 255/30 ZR 21 on the front axle and 315/25 ZR 22 in the rear. Optionally, Novitec allows us to choose some wheels NF7.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso Novitec Rosso

Ferrari GTC4Lusso prepared by Novitec Rosso.

Another modification that we perceive take a look at the images is that the height of the body with respect to the ground has been reduced. And so it is, in particular, it has been lowered 35 mm height. The trainer will also allow us to install a new sports exhaust system, high performance.

In terms of the interior, although we do not have images, Novitec Rosso claims to have used materials of first quality such as leather and Alcantara and new colors for the trim that create a more refined and warm.

Going to the (mechanical, there are also innovations that should be identified and discussed. The preparer German has created an interesting kit potentiation for the V8 Twin-Turbo 3.9-liter to increase its power at 99 HP and 122 Nm of maximum torque. Therefore, the Ferrari GTC4Lusso prepared by Novitec Rosso now results in neither more nor less than 709 HP and 882 Nm respectively.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso Novitec Rosso

After passing through the facilities of Novitec Rosso, the Ferrari GTC4Lusso account with 709 HP and 882 Nm.

Thanks to this increase in power, will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds and achieve a maximum speed of 325 km/h. The trainer notes that it has also worked on reducing the response time of the throttle. In addition to making a series of adjustments in the two turbochargers have been installed the module “plug-and-play” Novitec N-Tronic.

The GTC4Lusso prepared by Novitec, video.