Novitec Rosso gives a twist to the V8 turbo Ferrari 488 GTB (and loads of carbon fiber)

Novitec has taken a little over a year to offer us their first preparation with the Ferrari 488 GTB as a base. More power, new additives to cosmetics, changes in making his point… while Ferrari decides to release a version Speciale this can be a good way to meet the demands of customers who want even more.

In this way, in his catalogue of products for the Ferrari 488 GTB, Novitec leads to V8 turbo from 670 horses, until the 772 horses, increasing step your pair from the 760 Nm up to the 892 Nm.

This power increase is achieved by blow electronic and a new exhaust, having in addition to a new finish for the outputs and the possibility to adjust electronically the opening of valves responsible for regulating your audio.

Novitec we also proposed a new suspension, separators and a full supply of tires from which to choose, but what about the cosmetic changes introduced (beyond the rims of course)?

ferrari_488_GTB_novitec_2016_DM_4ferrari_488_GTB_novitec_2016_DM_6The preparer proposes a wide list of options, developed in carbon fiber and tested in the wind tunnel, meeting as well with a new splitter and flaps, side sills, a spoiler-type lip, or one more conventional, new details for the diffuser back, covers for the mirrors and lenses rear… an extensive wealth of detail that gives rise to the Ferrari 488 GTB that you can see in the images of this article.

Gallery of images of the Ferrari 488 GTB from Novitec: