Now it’s official: The new Ford Focus RS will have 350 horses


Finally Ford will spread the power of the new Focus RS officially. The engine EcoBoost Turbo has a performance 350 horsepower and can reach 470 Nm of torque during the period in which acts the overboost.


Ford-Focus-RS F ord presented to the press the Focus RS a few months ago, but although they had already provided many technical details, the brand had not disclosed Exact power would reach the model when it came to dealers.

The new Ford Focus RS comes with a little less overloaded style in previous generations, but more technology and more power of course.

has 350 horsepower and 470 Nm of torque in overboost mode.

Among its new qualities is the four-wheel drive with different driving modes and a system of torque vector control called Torque Vectoring Dynamique which can eliminate understeer say, always seeking optimal distribution between both axles, while allowing the driver to achieve a controlled prioritize power oversteer on the rear .

The amazing thing is that among the options that can be selected condition, is found only the pilot intended to make drifts like a true champion.

But the engine only knew it was a unit EcoBoost Turbo , a block 4-cylinder 2.3 liter , the same as using the simplest Mustang, with power ‘superior’ to the 320 hp top ?, How was never known.

But Ford decided that now was the right time to communicate the real power of EcoBoost turbocharged. The new Focus RS will be offered with anything less than 350 horsepower com 440 NM of torque, which can reach a maximum of 470 Nm kicks in when overboost. The engine will be associated with a manual six-speed transmission.

This level of power and all-wheel drive, will allow the new Ford Focus RS measured on equal terms against the sport compact Mercedes, Audi or BMW. Produced in England , this new product from Ford will reach European showrooms early next year.





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