Now that you are going to Europe General Motors confirms new electric

strategy of withdrawal that is being conducted by General Motors caught us by surprise all. It is true that the conglomerate american not things were going very well in Europe, but from there to get rid of Opel and Vauxhall had a stretch. Having said this, and now it seems that their finances are in a good moment, have decided to move forward with their plans for electrify its range of models.

As reported by Kevin Kelly, a spokesman for General Motors, by the year 2023 will reach up to 20 new models powered by electricity or hydrogen fuel cell. This announcement was made after the presentation of a new modular platform for vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cell. The structure, called SURUS (Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure) will be the base for launching a large part of these new models.

Kelly also took the opportunity to indicate that this plan of releases is global, so that some products could be specific to some regions of the world. Among them, China will be one of the greater role it will have, as it is the main market of the conglomerate. Proof of this is that Buick marketed exclusively for this market the new Velite 5 that later will join more models.

This announcement has not been made with a plan of launches to detail. For now, the only thing that is known is that in a matter of 18 months will be launched to the market two new models developed on the technology of the Chevrolet Bolt EV. It is unknown the segment of the market in which militarán, but with this technology will be able to give replica, in autonomy, the next Nissan Leaf.

Seems that the arrival of these models to the european continent will not occur. Now that General Motors lacks of distribution network, own not you will get profitable return to the old continent. Another thing will be, if you decide to resurrect as God intended Cadillac and put the batteries in its model range and sales network. This would be the only way for us to see any of the new models that announces the best General Motors than we’ve known in its history.

Source – General Motors

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