Now yes, the BMW X2 makes it official! I tell you everything

is undoubtedly the most important development of the year in the bavarian manufacturer along with the BMW X3; and yes, we are aware that in this 2017 have presented other products as the very M5. The BMW X2 is a breath of fresh air for the SUV of the German firm, as well as what were the X6 and X4, as it is a product that brings a disign totally new, and that is focused to a young audience and passionate; in addition urbanite in this case.

it is Worth noting the resemblance of this production model with the concept of that drift that was presented at the Paris Salon of 2016. Before I get filled with their design, and their data is more technical, it is worth mentioning that the new BMW X2 is developed on the platform of the X1, which comes from MINI, which also belongs to the German manufacturer. It is for this reason that this model will not use propulsion rear. Can you guide us to know him?

Sporty exterior design

As we said a few hours ago by the leaked images, the BMW X2 brings to the brand a totally new design. This urban crossover has a image noticeably more sporty that of their brothers of the range X, which are more elegant. The X2 is more sporty, and proof of this are the sharp lines that we find in all of your front, multiple nerves of tension and the generous air intakes. To highlight also the new forms of their “kidneys” front. In the finish M Sport X, as we can see in the different pictures, the BMW X2 will bring a protections plastic in the lower parts and in the wheel arches.

And since we’ve advanced to your side, allow me to highlight the introduction of the company logo on the rear pillar; something that, at least to me, has called me enough attention, because it is not a solution, very common. Unlike the BMW X1, this model has a body closer to the ground (182 mm of free height), which will subside their capabilities outside the black asphalt. Continuing with differences, the three-quarter rear does not have such a steep downturn as in the X4 and X5, so expect a habitability rear right.

We rear and again we find ourselves with an aesthetic very different from the current range of BMW, because it is not like any of their peers. The pilots have a forms sharp and partially extended for the fins. Yes, the front has many straight lines and in its behind has preferred to a greater extent bends; even though pulling also of horizontality to create a sense of width. If you ask for the volume of its trunk, the cargo space cubic 470 litres.

exterior dimensions of this new crossover are 4.36 m long, 1,84 wide and 1,53 high, offering a battle of 2,67 metres.

Without changes in the interior

In the cabin have not wanted to differentiate both the BMW X1 as on the outside, it seems almost modeled. As you’re watching, follows the line’s usual interior design of the other models in the range. Everything is in a good place, the screen is not built into the dashboard but that seems to come out of the same. Little to count in this aspect. We will expect to be able to test a unit (or you could sit in it) so to test their qualities and habitability.

The range mechanics of the BMW X2 starts with 190 HP

at The start of your marketing this new BMW X2 will only be available with two engines. This is the versions xDrive20i and xDrive20d, with 192 and 190 HP respectively, while in both cases use the wheel drive. In the case of the variant of petrol is used a dual-clutch transmission Stetronic of 7 relations, while the diesel uses an 8-speed automatic.

Logically, you will not be here to offer mechanical. Later will be added to other alternatives for this urban crossover. For the moment we know that will come the variants xDrive18i (all-wheel drive and 140 HP), sDrive18d (front-wheel drive and 150 HP) and xDrive18d (all-wheel drive and 150 HP). In the same way, little by little will come more versions to offer a number of possibilities mechanical.

Three different finishes in its launch

The BMW X2 will be available in three finishes at the time of its launch. We will have a finish base, the M Sport and M Sport X. As you know, BMW offers a multitude of customization options and packages in addition to finishes. The version that we see in the images with blue color carrying the finish M Sport, while the unit yellow is the M Sport X, which as we see has protections and a more aesthetically adventurous. We invite you to take a look at the gallery that we leave below.

we Still don’t know their prices, but we can confirm that the arrival on the market of the first units is scheduled for march 2018.

Gallery of images of the BMW X2

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