Now yes, the new Mercedes G-Class is already a reality

Well as the title of this article, the new Mercedes G-Class is already a reality. The legendary all-terrain German has been officially unveiled a few hours ago in the Detroit Auto show, something that we already knew weeks ago. Although many came to believe that the Mercedes G-Class would never have a release so pure, we can state categorically that the figures of more than 300,000 units produced and nearly 4 decades in the market will continue to rise a worthy successor.

Although it is true that this presentation has lost some of its anticipation by the leaked images few days ago, what is certain is that the German house has prepared an event with lights and fireworks of the most striking. It is not for less, because the G is one of the vehicles most spectacular of the brand. Will hit the market in the month of may and, although it is still unknown the price for Spain, we know that in Germany, will depart from the 107.000 euros.

As I discussed a few days ago, the exterior image of the Mercedes G-Class has not been totally renewed, but has wanted to keep that iconic design, updating it slightly, and in the essential points; so that practically it costs to differentiate it from the version predecessor. On the other hand, their capabilities out of the asphalt have not only been maintained -many thought that it would lose its essence, but even they have been improved.

All this is due to, among other things, to the improved their angles lower than and greater free height. According to the signature of the star, the new Mercedes G-Class has increased 6 mm distance from the floor to get a free height of 241 mm, improves their ability to cross in 10 cm being able to cross rivers of up to 70 cm in height and achieves a few degrees of input, ventral, and out of 31, 26 and 30 degrees, respectively. In addition, the lateral tilt that allows up to 35 degrees. To this we must add a increase of 53 mm in length and 121 mm in width.

In the interior yes is appreciate remarkable changes more remarkable. The interior of this new Mercedes G-Class has combined on the one hand the robustness and design classic of the model with the incorporation of other systems and current items available in part of the range Mercedes. For example, we can see the shapes a bit rough, including the grab handle for the passenger on the dashboard, but also the two screens of 12.3 inches to the dashboard and all infotainment system. Yes, an important fact is that the occupancy grows significantly.

At least for the moment, have just been published data and performance of the Mercedes G-Class 500. The mechanical version uses the V8 engine biturbo 4-liter. Develops a power of 422 CV, but more interesting are their at 610 Nm of torque between 2,000 and 4.750 rpm, which together with the all-wheel-drive and the gearbox 9G-Tronic will allow you to overcome virtually any obstacle, and climb slopes of high inclination. As a curiosity, its mixed-use approved is 11.1 l/100 km

Dynamic Select allows the driver to choose between four driving modes, as are Comfort, Sport, Eco and Individual. To these we must add the “G-Mode”, which is triggered when the driver activates one of the three differential locks or if you are using the gear referred to as Low Range by the German house. It is a mode that improves performance in all terrain acting on the damping, steering and engine response and the gearbox.

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