Now yes, the Nissan Tsuru is dismissed for ever

Nissan TsuruTravel the world offers us countless advantages. Get to know other countries, other cultures, ways of life, and of course, vehicles that in our countries safe are no longer on sale or if they are, have features or different engines. This is what happens with the Nissan Tsuru, one of the vehicles the longest in the world, and that is manufactured and sold Mexico (among other Latin American countries) since more than 25 years ago.

Stroll through Mexico and take a taxi (the guild of taxi drivers account for the highest number of sales of this model) is to make a trip to the past in every rule. This model is spartan, discreet, with a quality poor, no security measures (active and passive) and by this, a danger both for drivers and for pedestrians who share the road with them. A situation that has been verified by crash tests of Latin NCap, which is referred to as one of the cars the world’s most dangerous.

Nissan Tsuru traseraLatin NCap (agency namesake to Euro Ncap in Europe) is responsible for ensuring the safety of the models sold in another part of the world (Latin America), has hardened safety standards must meet the vehicles new to market. This tightening of the rules compels to the models to bring, like standard equipment ABS and dual airbags front.

As is logical, the Nissan Tsuru not mounted no drivers, do not know what is the ABS and it does not have crumple zones programmed into your body to minimize the risk for crash. It is this situation that will in shortly have to cease its marketing in Mexico. This does not surprise us, since this model is based on the platform of the Nissan Sentra B13 of the 80’s, a jewel on wheels.

let’s Hope that, as happened with the Volkswagen Beetle, Nissan does not take long to find a substitute as God commands this “car of the mexican people”.

D. E. P. Tsuru

Source – Nissan.