Now yes, Volkswagen admits that all the TDI Clean Diesel handling emissions in the U.S.


The EPA and Volkswagen confirm that the TDI V6 also manipulate emissions

After the first allegations of the EPA at the beginning of the month, now it is confirmed that blocks 3.0 TDI V6 also make traps in his cycle of approval, overcome the test of NOx emissions. In his time volkswagen has reacted quickly giving the lie to the information stating that the V6 were clean of any fraud, but now it is confirmed that they returned to lie. The scandal Volkswagen continues.

In these moments it is confirmed that the whole of the engines TDI Clean Diesel, whatever their displacement, had the programming of the ecu to cheat on their emissions during the cycles of approval. In the V6 raises the temperature of the exhaust to reduce NOx emissions.

To the list of engines affected by the scandal Volskwagen composed by 482.000 engines, now there is that adding them to 85,000 units approximate the six cylinder. A list that now includes Porsche in its interior, in addition to Audi and Volkswagen of higher category marketed in the USA since the 2008.


The Porsche Cayenne Diesel is part of the list affected by the scandal Volkswagen

By the time they have stopped the sales of all TDI in the united States, including the 3.0 V6. The fine of Volkswagen in the U.S. on this issue will amount then to be placed above the 21,000 million dollars, from the 18,000 initial when they admitted the fraud of the 1.6 and 2.0 TDI. By the time we do not know what impact it will have in Europe but will not be much of a wait.

Obviously, this issue will negatively affect the price of Volkswagen in the bag. Not to mention that will cause even more repulsion by the diesel engines on the other side of the pond next to a bad reputation of the germans, who may not be cleaned in the short or medium term.

The american market has always been the thorn Vollkswagen has never been removed. Lately I was getting results after years of working hard but now you will have very crude americans back to trust in him.