Now you can go “to heaven” in a fast car and electric: the first Tesla funeral

Tesla Model S fúnebreTesla is a car company that is taking a leading role huge in the sector. Their electric models with wide range of autonomy and able to ridicule many supercars, in addition to the conduction system of semi-autonomous Autopilot that is both giving that talk in recent months, is making the brand of Elon Musk is one of the most pronounced lately in the media.

however, on this occasion, we did not come here to speak to you, nor of the well-known Autopilot, or the generous figures of autonomy in all its models. Today, the role is what carries this preparation on the Tesla Model S for part of the masking RemetzCar. And no, it is not that you have created a preparation of high – “feelings”, rather the opposite. Have transformed the Model S of Tesla in a hearse.

It seems at least curious to see cars of this type converted into a hearse; it will be because we are very accustomed to seeing the typical Mercedes. And not only we are surprised by the fact that it is a Tesla, because it also left us with the mouth open, a Maserati makes just a few weeks. Be that as it may, the way to a cemetery for the customers of this funeral home will be in absolute silence, with elegance and without emitting a single gram of emissions pollutants. Yes, we do not believe that the driver take advantage of typically the power of this Model S.

For this transformation, RemetzCar had to remove the battery, cut the car, to extend the chassis of tourism in 80 centimeters, solder and replace the battery. After all this process, which we imagine will not be very simple to perform, the first Tesla Model S that will be used to carry out the duties of a funeral home in Holland measured 5,77 meters long. As it is logical, lacks rear seats and practically from the B-pillar back is all glazed surface, with a height to the ceiling significantly higher.

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