Nürburgring, legendary circuit for engine

Nürburgring is legendary circuit for motor located in Germany, around a medieval castle in Nuburgo Eifel mountains. It is considered one of the most complicated and stressful world circuits . It is also known as the Green Hell Grune Holle or a nickname that gave Formula 1 driver Jackie Stewart.

Nürburgring, circuito mítico para el motor

What is the Nürburgring?

This is very important in the world of circuit engine. Originally conceived as rather than evidence for DEM car and had no less than 28.3 km. From 1927 he began hosting the Grand Prix of Germany and the German motorcycle Grand Prix.

At the end of the 60s, there were traces increasingly dangerous because of the ever increasing speed Formula 1, and because of this the German Grand Prix moved to Hockenheim temporarily while the northern part was built. Thus settled safety barriers in Nürburgring .

But in 1976, the track does not meet the new safety regulations and indeed an almost fatal accident Niki Lauda, ​​the stress of Nürburgring competitions of Formula 1. This is how they early 80s, was rebuilt circuit, with a reduced length of 4.5 km. Since 1995 Nürburgring often received Formula 1, is known as one of the most complete calendar for its wide variety of baskets circuits.

circuit has two zones : Sudschleife, which is a shorter area where Formula 1 and the northern part Nordschleife or where evidence or test car is also performed for the crowd kept. Competitions like 24H Nurburgring.

Likewise also made it an ideal place to see new engine scenario, which has not yet gone on sale. Most German brands use it as a reference to make adjustments in their cars, try and make a public display.

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