O Kurwa! The Fiat 126 more fast and crazy that you see today has a Polish accent [video]

Fiat 126 a car is closely linked to the history of Poland. It is to Poland what to us was the SEAT 600, one of the principal architects of the motorization of the country. It was a small subcompact rear-engine twin-cylinder known as “Maluch”, whose literal translation means “baby”, for their small size. It was produced until 2003 in Poland under license from Fiat. It has been the first car rally of many, and some poles demonstrate a few skills of driving that will leave you more than puzzled.

o Kurwa! This Fiat 126 piloted by Piotr Filapek seems to be constantly on the edge of the accident.

small Maluch just handed out 33 BHP of power to the rear axle from a twin-cylinder, 0.7 liter, in its evolutions more powerful. Although some of the equip with engines VTEC high-power, others prepare their engines of series and run with them tarmac and earth. Poland is a country with a lot of fondness for the car and that is where shine talents such as Piotr Filapek, a young man who is able to make people dance to this urban light. Dancing is a gentle way of saying to ride to the brink of disaster constantly.

Your 126 out of the path on numerous occasions, he jumps and moves like a snake. It seems out of control, but it is actually more controlled. It is a car of inertia: its low power makes it necessary to enter in the curve at the fastest speed possible. It seems almost incredible demonstration of piloting Piotr, with a 126, which in addition to the suspension and geometry is modified, it is practically a series. It does not surprise me that it was 126, which he inherited from his grandmother. Give the play and alucinad.

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