Ocon: “I’m Not going to change my attitude, I am an opponent more”


The tensions between Perez and Ocon persist in the face for the Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring. The incident in Baku that ended up leading to the abandonment of Sergio Perez on lap 39 brought tail, and the two pilots of the team based at Silverstone each maintain their point of view.

While Perez believes that his partner you lack the necessary experience to develop a season to an acceptable level, without creating conflicts with other drivers, Ocon ensures that not all was as a consequence of a fault of yours.

Sergio highlights her expertise


Sergio Perez is ahead of Ocon in the world, with 44 points through 35 of your partner.

“I Think that most teammates of the grill have absolute freedom in the race, while obviously respecting the other car and the other rivals”, says Czech. “In four years I had no problem with Nico Hülkenberg, we fight on the track many times. In the moment that Stephen understands what you mean races, all will become clear”.

The mexican had a face-to-face with the Dutch Red Bull before arriving at Ocon, and he planted face because “is what would make any pilot”, asserting that sentence mythical Ayrton Senna If you no longer go for a gap which exists you are no longer a racing driver.

In four years I had no problem with Nico Hülkenberg

The Formula 1 has left battles mythical between team-mates since its official recognition in 1950, some closer to legality than others, but legendary to the end of the day. In this case, Doe asserts that it has never arrived “up until this point, never to collide with each other”, as happened two weeks ago with the French Force India. “I gave Him enough space, was already in front and there was no need to ruin our careers”.

The rookie remains faithful to its principles


The good work of Stephen has led the fight against pilots that have more time than him in the great circus.

“After the race, I caught a plane to go to Silverstone to review the accident with the computer. They had prepared several notes with what they thought, and came to the conclusion that it was a 50/50”. Esteban Ocon makes it clear that the team is not supportive of your partner as he claimed, but have seen evidence of the responsibility of those incidents are dealt. “it was Not only my fault, nor that of Sergio, but they both did things that are not well”.

The duel lives of the two pilots in Canada a precedent for them apparently, and in Azerbaijan continued the dispute in the best possible position in the race. “I’m Not going to change my attitude, I think I have done well with the team since the beginning of the year, the way in which we worked”, clarifies Stephen. “The only thing that we will do will be to have more care with what we do when we compete, but it’s going to be hard-fought between the two throughout the season, especially because I gain experience and I feel more comfortable in the circuits that I know of”.

don’t think I should have to prove anything to stay in Formula 1

#31 declares that it is not afraid of competition, reiterating that it has reached the maximum category being a rival. “I don’t need to prove anything to stay in Formula 1”. With the exception of its twelfth position in the Monaco Grand Prix, Ocon has scored in all and each one of the eight races that have been contested up to the moment, something meritorious in his year debut. “I’m collecting points in each race, and the team is happy with my performance for the moment, so that I don’t feel any pressure”.