Ocon: “it’s Going to be more difficult to overtake and there will be less opportunities”


Esteban Ocon faces his first full season in Formula 1 after signing for Force India. The French rider, who played the last nine Big Prizes last year with Manor, is ready to face many changes. The fact, compete with a new team, add the great news that they will have the cars in 2017 and that without a doubt mutarĂ¡n for full performance, design and aesthetics of the car. A few changes that according to Ocon will make the category more exciting for the viewer, but that is likely to affect the dynamics of the race by the lower number of overtaking.

I Think that the aspect of the cars is going to be great has stated Esteban Ocon in statements to ‘Motorsport.com’. The French also added: “I Think that people lost interest in cars when they began to be more ugly in 2014, because the visual aspect makes big differences for the fans. Also the sound was great and I don’t think that will improve. For my part preferred it when the engines were atmospheric. All in all, the cars are going to be impressive on the curve, are going to be very fast. You will see a speed that until now only we saw in qualifying, but now it will be all the time”.

Despite this, Esteban Ocon warns that this will have its
consequences: “it Is probable that the races are not so interesting. V
to be more difficult to overtake and there will be fewer opportunities to do so
in Addition, the pilot Force India has also explained that the new car
will be more physical: “We have a lot of work. Instead of making a
‘stage’ of two weeks of training, I will be two months. I’m not going to go back to
house almost up to the first race of the season. Training of nine of the
morning to nine at night to gain muscle and weight. The cars will be very
difficult to ride and will make me falta