Ocon: 'The Mercedes engine is simply the best'


Esteban Ocon will cope with that, in a way, it is his debut season in the Formula 1. Despite having already completed nine Major Awards in 2016 with the now-defunct team Manor, the French rider faces this year for the new rules in a new team and with a new partner.

But that doesn’t faze Esteban Ocon, who is very aware that to be a pilot of the team that got the fourth place in the constructors ‘ championship in 2016 automatically generates the pressure to get results. “I have to pay immediately. The computer I wanted to replace Nico Hülkenberg and that means results. So there is no margin, in the end the results are converted into more investment and that means a better car, faster. It’s as simple as”, recognized Ocon in statements to the official website of the Formula 1.

Stephen says his goal is to score points in every Grand Prix and the car transmits good sensations of face-to Melbourne, especially to have considered that the best engine of the grid. “My personal goal is to get points in each race, it would be well. Melbourne is a place in which everyone reveals where they are in reality. I have a great feeling about the VJM10, the balance is correct and the Mercedes engine is simply the best, even in what reliability is concerned. So we’ll see if my feelings are true”, ” said the frenchman, who in 2016, offered flashes of quality in his duel in front of Pascal Wehrlein.

Sergio Perez, a great asset for the team

Who will lead the team this year is Sergio Perez, already in 2016, completed a brilliant season with two podiums including. For Ocon, getting to Force India is a big step in your career, but doing it along the mexican pilot gives a plus of learning that they valued it very positively. “I’m very happy. Starting my career in Formula 1 in Manor was already fantastic and then I had the opportunity to get to Force India. It’s an incredible opportunity for me, as a young driver, be in a successful team. And along with Sergio Perez, who is very experienced. Just fantastic”, recognized Ocon, who also praised the joint work that both were in the pre-season test. “Sergio did an amazing job last season. Drove the team and it was impressive to see what he did. I have learned a lot from him in the test, but as soon as you reach the first race, get what I want is to challenge you! We share data, we discuss our findings in each session, the information it provides is genial”.