Ocon: “to Be at Renault would be a dream come true”


Esteban Ocon is one of the pearls of the Formula 1. Along with Max Verstappen -who won the title in the F3 european
– As of 2014, Stoffel Vandoorne and Pascal Wehrlein, is intended to
build the base of the great drivers of the future of the category,
little by little, iran taking the baton from Fernando Alonso, Lewis
Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

The French driver replaced Rio Haryanto Manor in the past
Grand Prix of Belgium and has nine races to convince
Renault that you must bet on him. “Formula 1 has
arrived sooner than expected for me. It is great and
I’m very happy with how it has gone. I am at the Manor to learn.
Mercedes and Renault had a common interest in
put me at the Manor, to prepare for the
in the future, to give me a good learning. I’m here with that
perspective. Of course there will be a rivalry between Pascal and I,
but why is Formula 1 and not a day care center.
having Said that, there is no
an extra pressure for me.”
, said Ocon in an interview
granted to F1.com.

“Renault has been champion, it would be a dream come true”

Stephen does not hide that their main goal has always been to reach
Renault in 2017 and the signing of a Manor is just a gift
unexpected, but welcome. “The goal was, or more
well hope to race with Renault in 2017. It is something
my representative is in the process. I’m focused on the
pilotage. Renault has been champion in the past and I’ve been
working with them from my early days. It would be a dream
become a reality, but first of all
I have to do a good job this season

Esteban Ocon belongs to the young driver programme
Mercedes, but has been working with Renault for quite some
time and hopes that it will help you achieve your goal. “I’ve
been working of for the next season, making
free workouts with Renault, establishing a good relationship
with them with the hope that he could make the jump to one of its
seats. But now I have the advantage of going with them not as a
absolute novice, but as someone with nine runs and is a great
advantage. I am sure that,
when showing my good performance, I will have a long-term future
in the Formula 1. But, of course, I have to comply”
acknowledges Stephen, who has not had too much luck in the two
first racing with Manor, in which various faults and problems
to extract 100% of the tires superblandos will have ballasted.