Ocon: “We are professionals, I’m not going to punch him in the face Perez”


The relationship between colleagues of the same team you can become somewhat tense as the incidents on the track between the two are not resolved as they should be. Sainz and Kvyat are a good example of this in a Toro Rosso, while Perez and Ocon have had their more and their less aboard their respective VJM10.

“Probably be more careful next time”, commented Esteban Ocon Autosport after what happened between him and the mexican during the first lap of the Hungarian Grand Prix. “In any case, you never want to touch with another car; being of the same team do not take too many risks. That is my opinion, and I hope that he has in mind. The team said that we do not touch him, respect him and I hope Perez in the future”.

The two pilots of Force India collided with each other at the first change, after an outlet in which everyone sought to gain positions on the grill outside as it were, but fortunately both were able to continue without problems until you see the checkered flag at the end of the 70 laps of the Hungaroring.

however, Sergio Perez is justified by ensuring that “I had Vandoorne next to me and I had to esquivarle, there was no space for three cars”. The Guadalajara disclaims any and all liability and subtract importance to the subject, as “we touched slightly, got hurt my front wing a little bit, but we were able to finish the race. What we talk about and all is well, for me it was clear that it had no where to go”.


In Azerbaijan, Ocon pressed Perez against the wall and ended up touching each other, putting an end to the career of the mexican.

on the other hand, Perez spent a few moments to remember the action that left him out of the race a few laps later in the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan: “The team spoke with him when he pushed me against the wall in Baku”. On that occasion, the #11 was stuck to the protections, and had no option of making any other movement, while “after the incident of Hungary the team said nothing because there was nothing to say. We try to move forward and do the best job in the best possible”.

“I’m Not going to go up to him and punch him in the face”. Ocon answered with a categorical “not” when asked if he believed the version of his companion in that it included the influence of a third pilot as Vandoorne in his maneuver, but also chose to let go of the issue, citing his professionalism. “I Believe that we are well, we are professional pilots. The rivalry is good, we hold one another in the track and that improves our performance. In the end, it is a good thing for the team. We don’t always have the fastest car, it probably is because of our rivalry that we are always there”.