Of laps with the engine of the Audi R8 V6 what engine will equip?


Audi will carry a V6 engine to his beloved R8

Since the arrival of the new sporty Audi, the brand has made it clear that the R8 has been designed to house a V10 engine in its interior. But with the disappearance of the V8, the range of mechanical seemed to be insufficient.

a short time after starting the rumors do you really Audi will let the R8 with a single engine in two powers? What if a V6 engine of new generation to replace the option V8? Some members of the mark have been recognized, even in a filtration of the future plans of Audi, the Audi R8 V6 appeared as a model in 2018.

These are the data that approves of the two versions V10 currently disponibles:

Versión Potencia maximum Torque 0-100 km/h V. maximum
Audi R8 V10 540 HP 540 Nm/6500 rpm 3,5 sec 320 km/h
Audi R8 V10 Plus 610 HP 560 Nm/6500 rpm 3,2 sec 330 km/h

R8 V6: Could you adapt a block of another model

it Is speculated with a block V6 2.9-liter biturbo, that would not be more than a remodeling of the current V6 3.0 TFSI in the S4, a large part of the responsibility of this hypothetical decision on the part of Audi is the generous market Chinese that applies generous tax burdens to the engines of 3.0 litres in forward, but let’s be honest, Audi is not going to develop a 2.9-litre or reform its V6 of the S4.


Prototype of the new Audi R8

Could opt for a engine Porsche

on the other hand, the block mounted on the current Porsche Panamera S part of the current V6 3.0-liter from the Audi S4 B8 that is, instead of having a turbo as the new generation of the S4 B9, had a compressor volumetric Eaton. Porsche added two turbochargers and replaced the mechanical components of Audi on your own.

This means that Audi could take that block of the Panamera S to your Audi R8, especially because the standard of quality Porsche guarantees the absolute reliability of the block keeping the same amount of power. If quattro GmbH tuned a bit more, perfectly, they could reach the 450 HP. Other solutions that are more cumbersome would be to put a third turbo conventional or substitute one of those already account for one electric.

But there’s more, another possibility would be to “borrow” a Porsche, the V6 of 3.6 liters and 400 HP in the Macan, the Cayenne S makes 420 HP and that is also going to ride the new Panamera, possibly with 500 HP rounds, but this option carries a cost to Audi, which in turn results in the price of the model. But it is not disposable.

Modelo Motor Potencia maximum Torque
Porsche Panamera S V6 2.997 cm3 420 HP 520 Nm
Porsche Macan Turbo V6 3.604 cm3 400 HP 550 Nm

Another possibility would be the V6 3.6-liter biturbo engine and 400 HP in the Macan, but with a power of between 420 and 480 HP, with what the costs would be very, but very content, because it would just change some parts for other more lightweight to reduce the weight of the block and electronics to increase power.

An option that also exists, but that would mean a greater cost, almost the same as asking for the Macan, as the use of the S4 B9 and adapt it completely to the R8, but this option would be to reach around 520 HP. Taking into account the R8 V10 with 540 HP is quite unlikely.

A motor Audi of new generation it would be a good option

Another option that would not be far-fetched is to use the 5L 2.5 TFSI biturbo engine of the TT Clubsport, which was producing 600 HP and it would be put into production this set, although it stays in the air the possible adaptation (if any) to V6.

But of course, shortly the sports models of Audi will begin its renovation and one of the models that we have already seen in spy photos is the future generation of the Audi RS5 which will leave the block V8 4.2 450hp by a V6 twin turbo. Could it be this engine that it will share with the R8? We still do not have definitive data but its power will move around 470 HP.

Equip an engine of new development as shown on the TT Clubsport or that will equip the future RS5 which will arrive in 2017, would not be unreasonable at all, it is more would give a touch of distinction, by using the turbo electric is the technology that will equip future models of Audi Sport, the division of sports vehicles of the brand.

Still the brand has not given any clue about which engine to choose, but these are the options most likely to our judgment what option seems the most convincing?

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