Of the field to your table in a tractor of 400 HP that does wheelies [video]

do You remember Volvo Terror? A tractor-Volvo Swedish-that she was a beastly engine from a Volvo 240, with more than 200 HP and a turbo craft. A terrific instrument for agricultural capable of burning wheel and terrorize the Swedish countryside. A tractor that is almost a joke next to the tractor Ferguson that a German supermarket has been prepared with the aim of promoting their products fresh. A real madness.

The idea is to convey that the blocks of Edeka are the most fresh, from the field to the supermarket.

Has been the German supermarket Edeka which has contacted the owners of a tractor Ferguson in whose interior has been installed a V8 american with 400 HP of power. In a light chassis, is the ideal recipe for a relationship power-to-weight and performance are unexpected in an agricultural vehicle. You only have to watch the first scene of the video, in which the tractor goes to full speed of a stable through its wooden door.

After terrorizing several cyclists, several cows and leave the field as a true wasteland, the farmer enters a supermarket with the tractor. After jumping speeds and mule on a path, stopped only millimeters a hedgehog, for not hitting you. When the hedgehog turns away, out doing a wheelie you thought only possible in the drag racing. A farmer of the most atmospheric, which Mr. Hyde is a Hollywood stuntman…

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