Of your bed to the car: Citroën leads the the memory foam to your seat

The technological developments do not stop at Citroën. If yesterday I already we set out the first details of the new and revolutionary suspension Citroën, today we are going to talk about another component of the car, as much or more important than good suspension. The comfort of the seating is an aspect that car manufacturers invest a lot of time and money, but, what if we then apply the technology memory foam that we enjoy in our beds to the seats of a car? Citroën has done in this Citroën C4 Cactus, and it seems pretty convincing result.


These seats of the Vehicle are manufactured with polyurethane foam, viscoelastic foam and textured

it Is quite curious to think of car seats manufactured with the same technology that is used to make the mattresses of our beds, but if you think about it for a moment, the idea makes all the sense in the world taking into account the amount of time that we spend sitting in a car. Posts to innovate, why not use the best that has been invented to date to reduce fatigue and improve comfort of our seat.

Citroën-lab-asientos-2016-00In this way, in addition to the new suspension developed by Citroën, prototype CITROËN ADVANCED COMFORT® LAB also incorporates a new seat design the result of combining different compounds and densities in the foams used. The main novelty is the use of memory foam, a material that is fairly common today, but that was developed by the NASA. Thanks to the use of the memory foam, the pressure on the body decreases, allowing the seat to acquire a shape according to our morphology through the heat and the weight that we have to sit down.


If you think about it carefully, How is it that nobody had thought already manufacture this type of seats? The answer seems to be in the cost…

To the naked eye, the seat does not offer any kind of evident change, only we can discover its composition through the application of pressure in areas of the same. As it occurs in the memory foam mattress so fashionable, the structure of this material allows the application of pressure in a zone does not affect their areas closest, so that the structure is adapted to all types of weights and shapes, being necessary to the manufacturing of a single piece. Their deformation is very progressive and its durability in the time is quite high.

As an example, just to comment that this idea know a lot about the bikers, and that is the lovers of the two wheels tend to ask quite often improvements in your seat to include a gel or viscoelastic, a modification that is able to make easier the travel of the driver and the even more experienced companion.