Offensive SUV Opel: how is the range after the arrival of the Grandland X


New Opel Grandland X.

the arrival of The new Grandland X complete renewed range SUV of Opel, which from now on will offer a range of options more homogeneous for a greater range of customers. The new Grandland X is a compact SUV, framed in the C-segment, so is positioned by the moment as the major alternative brand in Rüsselheim in the SUV segment, giving the relay to the Opel Antara.

The range SUV of Opel is not structured simply by segment, as usual, but provides models markedly differentiated for different customers, even within the same segment. The X family of Opel account from now with 3 models, Mokka X, Grandland X and the new Grandland X.

, While the new model is located within the C-segment, the first two belong to the lower segment, the B-SUV, although they are two offers clearly differentiated, as we will see below.


The Grandland X is the new addition to the C-segment-SUV from Opel.

Opel Grandland X

The new model is based on the platform EMP2 shared by Opel and PSA, with whom he shared his development, hence the new Grandland X share many elements with the Peugeot 3008.

The Grandland X is the stake of Opel to the segment C-SUV

like his brother of the platform, the new C-SUV from Opel comes with an image very dynamic, inherited from the same design language that the brand used in the rest of models of the family X. With 4.47 meters long, your silhouette is drawn with lines very soft but with volumes very well-rounded. The technological burden of the Grandland X will be important, though we do not know even the composition of your range mechanics, we already know that will feature all-wheel drive system (according to versions) and equipment elements of the first row.

Among its novelties we find the seats with certification AGR, adaptive cruise Control with pedestrian detection and automatic braking emergency, Alert a drowsy driver, Wizard, advanced parking, and a view camera 360, among other safety systems, you also have system of wireless charging and adaptive lighting (AFL+) with LED technology.


The new Crossland X is the substitute for the Meriva, the choice urban crossover Opel.

Opel Crossland X

The Crossland X was the latest addition to the family of X models of Opel. A bet very smart of the German mark to the to give the succession to the Meriva, a MPV, with a crossover that looks very dynamic, but that offers your customers the advantages of its great interior spaciousness, offering an alternative space for urban users.

Successor to the Meriva but with the appearance of crossover

also Based on a platform shared with PSA, the Crossland X has a range of engines from 1.2 litre petrol with a range of power between 82 and 131 HP, and blocks diesel of 1.6 liter with a yield between 100 and 121 HP. It is available with manual or automatic transmission, but its most distinguishing feature particular is that not account with the option of riding all-wheel drive, in any of the versions, since that is a vehicle-oriented use predominantly in urban areas, and shows the main advantage of its great interior spaciousness.

Among its facilities we can highlight the system Opel OnStar, a system of wireless charging for smartphones and point WiFi high-speed 4G. The system of information and entertainment IntelliLink Opel has an 8-inch screen and is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


The Opel Mokka X is the option adventurous to the segment B.

Opel Mokka X

The Mokka X is the model oldest in the family of X models of Opel, since the current variant was presented at the Geneva motor show of 2016 as the upgrade of the Opel Mokka, in the market since the year 2012. Unlike the other two models, the Mokka original has its roots in a platform of General Motors, a derivative of the platform Gamma original developed by Opel in its new version (Gamma II) is also used by other brands of GM, as is the case of the Chevrolet Trax and Buick Encore.

The Mokka X, like its predecessor, has an orientation crossover more clear that the Crossland X, more oriented to the “adventure”, hence in its range, we can find versions with all-wheel drive system.

Same segment but different positioning

The range of the Mokka X has engines that power are
step over to the range Crossland X, with blocks diesel and petrol
of 1.4 and 1.6 liters, with power ratings between 136 and 152 HP. Also
we found a version powered by LPG 140 HP. Your equipment is
very rich, being able to emphasize the warning System involuntary change
lane, the detector of traffic signals, the collision warning
front or the distance indicator of safety, in addition to the
features Opel OnStar with Wifi and 4G connectivity, or the headlamps
LED technology lighting adaptive AFL+


The new Granland X will be presented in Frankfurt 2017.

general Specifications

Mokka X Crossland X Grandland X
Length 4.275 mm 4.212 mm 4.477 mm
Width 1.781 mm in 1825 mm 1.844 mm
Height 1.658 mm 1.605 mm 1.636 mm
Plazas 5 5 5
Maletero 356/1.372 litres 410/1.255 liters 514/1.652 liters
4×4 According to versions Not available According to versions