Offensive SUVS in the VAG Group

Ofensiva SUV del Grupo VAG

The VAG Group is working on a major offensive to the SUV segment.

Volkswagen Group is working on a full and comprehensive offensive in the SUV segment on the market. Models of different features with which “play” virtually all levels of a segment that is still booming despite the passage of the years. Virtually all brands will carry their particular proposal with which to offer a novelty in a niche market where the competition is voracious.

throughout this article we’re going to gather some of the models presented (and not presented) who very soon will be present in the dealers Spanish. From models like the new Audi Q2 or the SEAT Ateca, as well as others that are being presented as the future SUV based on the Volkswagen Polo or the new generation of the Volkswagen Touareg.

Are some of the models that the VAG Group will conduct a major offensive in the SUV segment not to be left behind in a niche market, as we have said before, the competition is very high. That said, let’s move on to comment on some of the SUVS in the VAG Group that are to come.

Audi Q2

Audi Q2

The new Audi Q2 will be like the SUV more compact and smaller than the range of Audi.

we Begin our list with one of the main innovations of Audi for this year. The new Audi Q2 it is to be located currently as the SUV the most compact of the range of the German brand and with different developments. A model that, once it reaches the market, the new Q3 will be very differentiated from the rest of the range in terms of size and capabilities. Yes, it combines a sporty style with a 4×4 since it offers the possibility to equip the traction integral Quattro.

Its exterior design is recognizable to the naked eye because follows the trend of the rest of the range Q-Audi. Numerous amounts of defenses of plastic and a greater free height with respect to the ground. To this we must add a (technological very thorough in highlighting elements such as the MMI Navigation Plus, a Head-Up Display, or the Audi Virtual Cockpit. And to put the icing on the cake, a wide and varied range of engines both petrol (TFSI) as diesel (TDI).

Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda Kodiaq 2017 - foto espía

Photo spy new Skoda Kodiaq 2017 during a testing session.

¿And, what about Skoda? Well, yes, the Czech brand is also working on a new SUV that offer an important novelty in this segment. Yes, it will be a large SUV that will be available with a configuration of seven seats and that, thanks to its 4.7 metres in length, will reach to cope with models like the Nissan X-Trail, Kia Sorento or the Hyundai Grand Santa Fe, among others.

A model anticipated by the prototype Skoda VisionS Concept, and that we recently caught testing. Under the name of Skoda Kodiaq, will hit the market with the objective of offering itself as an interesting alternative thanks to the rivals mentioned above and that could draw the attention of potential buyers thanks to its quality price ratio, something that Skoda already has us very accustomed to.

On an aesthetic level, the new Skoda Kodiaq will have some influence by the new Skoda Superb and among its main features, it will highlight the motto “Simply Clever”, the compendium of technologies and solutions with which to enjoy simple and effective way of the daily use of this SUV seven seater.

SEAT Ateca

SEAT Ateca - Madrid Auto 2016

The SEAT Ateca live during his debut in the Madrid Auto of 2016.

If we have previously spoken of the new SUV of Skoda, now we have to do the same with the that is the first SUV in the history of the SEAT and that it will share the assembly line, platform and other components with the above-mentioned Kodiaq. The new SEAT Ateca as you have told practically everything, and its arrival at the dealers is imminent. A model that will be a before and an after to the history of the SEAT, and who is called to be one of the reference models of its segment.

Will have to face tough rivals like the Nissan Qashqai, Kia Sportage or Renault Kadjar, among others. To do this, SEAT will have the advantage of having at your disposal a few engines that combine performance and efficiency, high-quality finishes and “the name” that the brand has in the Spanish market. Its design makes a clear reference to recent launches of the brand, and in particular, at the SEAT Leon. Your starting price without subsidies or discounts is 23.690 euro.

Volkswagen Polo SUV

Volkswagen Polo SUV

Mule testing of the future SUV based on the Volkswagen Polo.

We turn to a model that still we do not know his name, but of which we already have many details. And is the expected SUV based on the Volkswagen Polo. A new model that will share MQB platform with the new Polo. And it is more, in addition to sharing the same architecture, it will also do the same with the assembly line, both models will be manufactured in Spain. More specifically, in the Volkswagen factory in Navarra.

Its production would start from the year 2018, so that their presentation would take place at the end of next year. A proposal of the German brand for the B-segment-SUV, and recently, we have been caught in its initial stage of testing. On an aesthetic level will be very different from the new Pole, something very similar to what happens currently with the Golf and the Tiguan.


B-SUV de SEAT - foto espía

Mule testing of future B-SUV SEAT.

If we have previously spoken of a future compact SUV based on the new generation of the Volkswagen Polo, now we have to talk about the proposal for a SEAT for this segment. A model that had been defined as a “twin brother” of the Polo SUV, but this will not be the case. As well we have been anticipating this future B-SUV SEAT will be very differentiated (in all aspects) by the model of Volkswagen.

we Know that will be designed, developed and manufactured by SEAT in its factory in Martorell. Something that will happen from next year to 2017. This compact SUV will be positioned a rung under the SEAT, Ateca and will be mounted on the platform MQB-A0 Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Touareg 2017

Volkswagen Touareg 2017 - foto espía

Under this Audi Q7 hides the new Volkswagen Touareg 2017.

And we end this compilation with the “crown jewel” of the range Volkswagen in the SUV segment. The new Volkswagne Touareg 2017. A model that not so long ago we hunted for the first time, and who is called to be a major technological renovation. And even more if we take into account all the developments that has received the new Tiguan in its arrival to the market.

it Is obvious to expect that the new Volkswagen Touareg is a model much more spacious and comfortable. In short, a model much more capable, which also will update its range of engines and we hope that, thanks to a strong focused effort to be able to reduce the maximum weight, the new Touareg is a much more efficient model. When will hit the market? The new generation of the Volkswagne Touareg should be ready to land on the market in the first part of next year.