Official: Carlos Sainz will be flying in Renualt in the GP of USA and Kvyat gets Toro Rosso

has been rumored with the possibility that Carlos Sainz will not be the end of the season with the team Toro Rosso after learning of the move or transfer that has made Red Bull so that the rider can ride in the team of Enstone in the season 2018, but it seemed that he could finish the season in Toro Rosso finally, what will not be so after the official statement that has been made here in Suzuka. Carlos Sainz will take the yellow car in the GP of Austin in the united States. So that will be the first time that the pilot in madrid to come in contact with the car Renault replacing Palmer who is saying goodbye to the F1 to not find something in another team, but his performance will be hard to find site.

The good thing will be that Carlos Sainz will be able to familiarize themselves with the new car in the last 4 grand Prizes of 2017 and begin in the best state in the preseason. Because even if the cars are similar, but there are always differences in the placement of certain buttons and levers on the steering wheel, another philosophy of work, etc., so that to gain experience will benefit Sainz de face to a better start with Renault in the next season. As against is your team-mate, Nico Hülkenberg, which to me is one of the best drivers of the current grill despite the fact that its results are seen camouflaged by the performance of the car, something like what happened with Nico Rosberg before you get to Mercedes.

anyway Carlos Sainz does not have much to lose, since that is the “newbie” that reaches new and even worse that Hülkenberg will not rain down the criticism be adjusting to the new seat, and if there is something that would win the German, since then the newspapers probably would highlight this heroic gesture. Therefore in a case as in the other all will be well for Carlos. But if it is true that for Renault, and Carlos is better to start as soon as possible, as in time of throw of the preseason to adapt the new job will be able to make progress with the setup, to test improvements, to provide data to the computer, etc

on the other hand, Daniil Kvyat will be the one that replace the madrid at Toro Rosso. The Russian pilot who was dropped from his seat to Pierre Gasly stood and cogiese experience of face to the season that comes, it will revert back to the controls of the Toro Rosso. So it seems that the Russian pilot and Gasly are the two companions, also for the season 2018 in the team that you already know that you will suffer a big change in the next season with the Honda engine in replacement of the Renault.

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