OFFICIAL: Felipe Massa is retiring at the end of this season

This seems like a déjà vu, since last year we saw Felipe Massa excited announcing in your house, the Interlagos circuit during the Brazilian GP that he would retire from F1 for a few months and then coming back with the team Williams, the same team that had run the previous year. The reason for this was a favor he did to the Grove by the departure of Valtteri Bottas for the team Mercedes, which in turn was also seen as the night to the morning its pilot Nico Rosberg retired after having won their first world…

Many said Massa retired only because there was a competitive team and that forced his withdrawal earlier than expected, and that much he had to insist the Williams for their turn, but now it seems that it will be the march final and so has announced the pilot himself on social networks on the eve of the GP of Brazil. So once again, there will be tears and emotion to the fans of the pilot paulista who see it as another year gets to repeat the story.

After the completion of the Brazilian GP and the last GP of the season, the Abu Dhabi, Felipe Massa hangs the monkey and the helmet to exit definitively from the world of Formula 1, at least as a pilot. But it seems that the pilot does not leave the competitions, because he has expressed his desire: “I Hope your support in the future in other careers or categories. We’ll see.“, making it clear that it will continue to compete in other competitions of motorsport. From here I want to wish the greatest of luck to Felipe Massa, the paddock will not be the same without this fantastic person walking by him.

Claire Williams, who has been mom recently (by the way, congratulations on the maternity!), he has also expressed words of gratitude to Philip. Now I just need to see who is going to replace, and everything seems to indicate that a good candidate would be Robert Kubica, which would return to F1 after his serious accident. If so it would be all great news! The Polish has already carried out several test with the Renault team with cars a few years ago (maybe they would no longer be interested after the signing of Carlos Sainz), and lately has also made tests with Williams, recently another more. So everything indicates that this will be… By the way, a turn that I did not see with good eyes Felipe Massa and was leery how will this accelerated the progress of Massa?

By the way, sure there will be jokes in the networks about it after having “retired” last year and now again, as the last concerts of some rockers that are sure to know… who have been doing the “last” concerts over the years.

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