Official! Fiat Argo, the surrogate to the Point that we will not see in Europe

On several occasions I have spoken of him. The Argo is a vehicle that’s very important for Fiat in Mercosur. Until a few years ago the Italian firm dominated with an iron fist sales in the region, but the growth of General Motors and the pressure from the Volkswagen Group have been relegated to a third place finish. For that sales do not continue to be diverting toward these marks in the Italian firm has decided to strengthen its range with a new product and technology.

The Fiat Argo arrives to replace the current Point that is made in Brazil and is sold in several countries of the region. That model does not have large-thing to do with the european, in addition to the name and the segment in which he is campaigning. However, the Point that we know in our market is slowly dying before the indifference of the brand and the customers. So, now that Fiat is launched to replace the Item that is sold in the Mercosur countries, we would like to see him on the roads of Europe.

The Fiat Argo measures 4 meters long and in this size mix successfully elements of the design of the Type that is sold in Europe and the Mobi and Bull that sold in the region. If you look at the inside of the Argo we can see that their creators have become to inspire in the riding the latest models of Fiat in the old continent. The 7-inch touch screen (with connectivity to Apple and Android Auto) located in the center of the console is the same as the one used by the Type 5-door.

The rest of elements and knobs on the dashboard is equal to (or very very similar) for distribution and quality (perceived) that the leading brethren of the model. With this leap in quality and technology Fiat wants to attract buyers of the region, since it is note that is a well thought out product that outperforms its rivals (Chevrolet Spark or Volkswagen Fox).

range of mechanical that will use the new Fiat Argo and I previously announced. Will be composed by new blocks gasoline FireFly with powers ranging from 70 hp block 1-liter three-cylinder engines up to 140 hp of the block 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine. Depending on the version chosen by the purchaser the Argo may be associated with a gearbox of manual cutting and 5 relationships or an automatic EAT6 6-speed.

Source – Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA)

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