Official: Formula 1 change of owner

Bernie Ecclestonehad been talking about it for months and the news has been made official a few hours ago: the Formula 1 passes to the hands of Liberty Media. Anyway, I do not think that we will stop to see the well-known Bernie Ecclestone for the starting grids in each of the Grand Prize, at least for the moment; and it is that the billionaire will remain as executive chairman and will continue to perform a multitude of functions in the Great Circus, at least for the next three years.

Liberty Media acquires the assets of Delta Topco, the company that manages the Formula 1. By now he has bought 18.7 %, although in a few months there will be entered the about 8,000 million euros that costs 100% of the F1. The new president of the Formula 1 will be Chase Carey, which is neither more nor less than the current vice president of 21st Century Fox.

Curva GP de CanadáAccording to the new owners, the Formula 1 has a high operating margin thanks to the new technologies that abound today among us. It seems to be that they will try to bring this sport to a new era in terms of media and technologies for fans that follow the championship of Formula 1, the pinnacle of the motorsport world.

In a statement, Bernie Ecclestone claimed that “it has been decided that I remain as CEO of the F1. I will continue with all those things that you did before, such as negotiating with the circuits, the television companies and with the people”.

on the other hand, the Formula 1 of today is full of glamour and moves a lot of money, especially in advertising and in the media, but they lack something more of a hook, show on track without reducing the safety of riders, staff of the circuit, technical teams and spectators. I hope the new owners learn to give with the key that they lack, and reach that charisma that you lack the Championship for several years now.