Official: Honda HR-V longer produced in Argentina


Honda-HR-V E n today was officially inaugurated in the production of Honda HR-V in Argentina . It was further confirmed using the V-TEC engine of 1.8 liters and 140 horses Force also uses the Civic, but still were not disclosed their prices .

After an investment of 250 million pesos, Hoda began producing the HR-V in Argentina.

The Honda plant in the town of Campana , in the Province of Buenos Aires, today began producing the SUV HR-V.

After an investment of 250 million pesos , for the adequacy of facilities, the compact SUV will in the future integration of local parts reach 21% although in a first step the assembly is carried out through the format CKD ie parts imported for final assembly is done in Campana.

The main destination for HR-V produced in Argentina will be Brazil, a market where the SUV is very successful to weeks of start of sales, to the point that waiting lists over 60 days. Honda Argentina estimated yield 15,000 units per year , achieving double its capacity regarding the City already was discontinued.

Honda-HRV-1 But only 30% of these units will be for the local market because Brazil will absorb 70 percent of production .

The Honda HR-V, is based on the platform using the new generation Fit, with which it shares many technical, mechanical and structural elements.

still too early to know what will be equipment and the price of HR-V to Argentina but what is known is that it uses the same engine as the Civic, ie engine 1.8 liters 16V SOHC i-VTEC, which produces 140 horsepower and may be linked to either a six-speed manual transmission and an automatic CVT and only Front traction.

Honda not specified when you start your marketing, but in principle coincide with the start of the next Motor Show in Buenos Aires will take place from June 19.



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