Official: Lada returned to Chile after 17 years of absence


In 17 years out of the market, Lada announced its return to Chile . The Lada 4 × 4 , formerly Niva is the only model confirmed yet.


Lada-4x4-Urban-1 T flush the announcement several months ago and this week became official return to the Chilean market Lada . Lada had come to Chile in 1988, achieving good sales records with the sedan 2105, on hatchback Samara and stainless SUV Niva , which these days it is called simply 4 × 4.

But 1998 marked the final farewell of the Russian brand, which absent for 17 years today announced their return with several models.

The return of Lada took the Chilean market and state official.

Lada will be represented in Chile by Distribuidora Automotriz Cono Sur , a company that is in turn related to the distributor Nissan in the local market.

Although the official launch of the models not yet occurred, the family will be within the Lada 4 × 4 with three-door body, equipped with 1.7-liter engine with 83 horsepower which You can meet the Euro 5 regulations Despite its age and limited mechanics, the Lada Niva is still one of the best vehicles with off-road capability of the current market, mainly in your price range in which few brands can compete.

Although Niva is the only one officially confirmed, it is believed that two other models accompany the brand relaunch. The Prioress and Granta

The Lada Granta is a inexpensive sedan , with a length of 4.26 meters, a width of 1.70 and a height of 1.50 meters and a carrying capacity 480 liters, while Priora is a sedan in a somewhat larger, which could be marketed in your body variant wagons.





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