Official: Lamborghini SUV will be a reality in 2018


Lamborghini-Urus-2 L met last week to the Italian government made an offer to Lamborghini to produce its SUV in Italy in exchange for certain tax incentives.

Today we know that the Lamborghini then accepted official confirmation the start of the production of that s SUV was put on sale in 2018 .

Although this is not the first venture of the Italian brand vehicles AWD because in the 1980s he produced the LM002 in a limited edition of 300 units, the new SUV if you will the first to be produced in series at a rate of 3000 units per year . The SUV will be the third member of the current Lamborghini range, made up of Aventador and Hurricane , without regard to the special editions.


Lamborghini accepted the government’s proposal to produce the Urus SUV in Italy.

After the cooperative support of the Italian government, Lamborghini expanded facilities Sant’Agata Bolognese to accommodate production of the new product, from the current 80 thousand square meters to almost double its surface , totaling 150 000 m2 .

This announcement means the creation of 500 jobs directly, in addition to creating jobs indirectly, a key issue at a time when the industry is going through a good time in Italy, taking into account the most recent episodes, such as the sale of De Tomaso to a Chinese group, laying off hundreds of workers of the legendary Italian brand.

The original idea of ​​VAG was to produce the Urus in the same plant Slovakia where already assembled to Cayenne, as the next generation of the product of Porsche, will share its platform with the new Lamborghini SUV .

Although it is not known for sure if the Urus prototype will be the inspiration for the production model, it is known that is a product of good sporty with bodywork around 5 meters in length and with V8 and V10 engines under its hood and share many technical and mechanical elements other Volkswagen Group products, especially with the Porsche Cayenne.

The Lamborghini Urus the challenge of becoming the most radical and powerful SUV when it hits the market in 2018.




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