Official: New Volvo S90 2016


So is the Volvo S90

With the new Volvo S90, the brand renews its participation in the segment of sedans premium. Photos spies promised that the future S90 would be a saloon with great arguments to convince your audience, and after a long wait, and a recent leak to the press, we already know its details, and it is impressive.

The renewal of the brand with a new and successful image that in its day boasted the Volvo XC90 is now applied to your new premium saloon and its appearance is dramatic with a few optical groups very peculiar and a few design lines straight lines with large surface areas, which emphasises the scale and volume of the model.

In the words of the Vice-president of Volvo “Our idea was to launch something totally new in this segment is rather conservative” and have given the nail on the head. If the outside conveys class, with a length of 4,96 meters, a height of 1.44 meters and a width of 2 meters if you count in the mirrors.


Great personality in your rear

Its interior is presented according to its external image, it seems a luxury suite with quality details and a generous screen multimedia for the front passengers. All indications are that it is a vehicle that conveys a great quality in all the materials that they are to the eye and to the touch, although this impression will have to confirm it later when we have the first contact with the vehicle.

hybrid Version, diesel and gasoline

For the moment, the official press release points out that the Volvo S90 will be offered with four engines, two diesel, a turgo gasoline and a hybrid.

The most powerful version of all is called Volvo S90 T8 AWD and will have 320 HP generated by its hybrid engine and furnish all-wheel-drive and in addition will be able to go up to 45 km in mode 100% electric. This variant will continue to be version of gasoline called the T6 AWD. In Diesel will be the versions D5 and D4 with 325 and 190 HP respectively. Soon we will have all the data of their engines.


Profile of the Volvo S90

Volvo S90, great technological advances

As a novelty brings with it a feature called “Pilot Assist” that becomes a vehicle semi-autonomous, correcting the trajectory of the vehicle with a mini-corrections to the steering wheel up to 130 km/h, but also is responsible for automating other actions, as to resume the march if we are standing and the car in front starts to speed up, or also brakes if the vehicle in front reduces its speed.

Another interesting feature included in the S90 is called “City Safety” and is responsible for the detection of large animals, like a horse, in any lighting condition, day, night, or snow-and, once detected the risk of a collision, offers a warning and a brake assisted to avoid a possible collision.


Inside the Volvo S90

For now this is what we know of the New Volvo S90 that will be presented in January during the Detroit motor show.

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