Official: Red Bull and Toro Rosso to Renault engines in 2017, and 2018

Mandatarios de Red Bull y Renault tras el acuerdoRenault is improving, although you are more than 20 tokens for use, and the leap in quality has been important in the past used, there is talk of a 40CV improvement, or something more, representing a 4 tenths improvement per lap, something that could raise Red Bull to fight Mercedes if you make mistakes or have problems in city circuits, but above all to end the world ahead of Ferrari, something that would be a disaster for the aspirations of the italians.

After the threat of leaving Red Bull and his crisis engine, they finally decided to use motors Ferrari with specification 2015 for Toro Rosso, and continue with the Renault, since no one wanted to give them engines as an opponent is dangerous, for Red Bull. But the pulls of both groups did that the sponsorship of Renault and the involvement changes, deleting the name of Renault to Red Bull to rename the engines as the TAG Heurer.

Toro Rosso y Red Bull en paralelo en pistaBut the progress of Renault after the bad last season, have made that Red Bull and Renault will end up reconciling and come back with more force. Now, not only Red Bull extended his contract to 2017 and 2018, but also Toro Rosso will return to mount engine Renault after a season with Ferrari (who would lose a client). The B-team of Red Bull wants to engines of the same specification and therefore the movement is ideal to take engines gauls, since the Maranello did not want to give them engines with updated specifications for if they transform in an opponent…

But this does not only benefit Red Bull and Toro Rosso, taking engines and competitive stability after the crisis, but is also good for Renault, which gets more cars to get more data and to develop their engine in the next season without tokens and of course, more revenue in their coffers by having more customers. Do only they benefit from? Well, there’s a third party that also gets the advantage, and McLaren, since Ron Dennis gets his or her way not to give the Honda engine to any other team for the next year.