Official: Red Bull and Toro Rosso with Renault engines until 2018


Already ahead of Christian Horner: the agreement was a “mere formality”. And so it has been, since Red Bull has made it official that it will continue to use the thruster units of the French brand for two more years.

Such engines will continue to be called TAG Heuer, the main sponsor of Red Bull and that it came on the scene after the recent crisis that was about to leave without a supply of engines to the austrian team.

Now, after you have proven to Renault that is able to recover the ground lost, confidence has been restored and the Red Bull looks able to win back together with her French partner. “We are delighted to extend our agreement, which has been so satisfactory over time. After the reconstruction that Renault has undertaken, there has been an evident progress that has made it logical to continue with the motors TAG Heuer”, confirmed Christian Horner in a press note distributed to the press.

Within the agreement, it also includes Toro Rosso, after the confidence crisis of 2015, chose to participate this season with engines provided by Ferrari last year. For 2017 and 2018 will return to work with Renault under the same conditions as your team.

The partnership between Renault and Red Bull started in 2007 and has led a total of 51 victories, four titles of constructors and so many other pilots.