Official: Red Bull does a barter, Max Verstappen by Daniil Kvyat

Verstappen y KvyatSince it was rumored to do this, but it seems that the rumors have been confirmed. Daniil Kvyat was under a magnifying glass this season and Red Bull has decided to make a big change that has tints strategic also. Now Kvyat will race at Toro Rosso and Verstappen in Red Bull. So the Russian will be the new mate Carlos Sainz Jr. after this “degradation”, while the youngest pilot of the grill they will take the car to the team great from the GP of Spain.

Daniil Kvyat has had good performances, as the podium finish in the GP of China, but this has not been enough for the bosses of the Red Bull team consider itself to be in the team large. Perhaps the double touch with Vettel in the GP of Russia in spite of more. For this reason, claiming that it will be for your good, have wanted to return to Daniil Kvyat to Toro Rosso where he went out and put on your site to Max Verstappen, the great promise of the energy-drink brand and that is both giving that talk.

Vettel y Kvyat enfadadosRed Bull is a team that always surprises with its movements of pilots, but this time I think that has surprised even more if you can… And in the first paragraph I already said that I had tints strategic because so avoid the temptation to be signed for Ferrari, who seemed to be interested in signing the young driver Verstappen. In this way, content to Max giving it a better work tool and the “retreat” of the market, while sent to Kvyat at the “reformatory”.

Now Carlos Sainz Jr. must be better than Daniil Kvyat, otherwise it could jeopardize their position. The Spanish rider must prove that he can beat Kvyat and as well get a post in the future in Red Bull. Also Ricciardo will have to prove what he is worth in comparison with the talented Verstappen. But now all the pressure is put on Max Verstappen, who is much talked about and expected too much. If it is surpassed by this news and the pressure, may not have been a good step for him.

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