Official: That’s pickup Renault Duster Oroch


Today debuted at Motor Show in Buenos Aires new pickup Renault Duster Oroch . It is based on the SUV Duster which will be manufactured in Brazil for the entire region product. [1.99901 million]


Renault-Duster-Oroch-2 L I fter some leaks and an official image that left guessing his silhouette, today debuted officially under the Motor Buenos Aires pickup Renault Duster Oroch, based on the platform and in the design of the SUV Duster.

Aesthetically, it presents some differences from the prototype Renault took last year at the Motor Show in Sao Paulo. The front looks like the SUV com these changes in the facelift introduced in the region not long ago, while the sector has further modifications that allowed adapting a cargo box to its double cabin. Regarding the prototype, both the cargo and the tailgate seem to have gained some more tall.

Oroch Renault Duster is the trade name of the pickup based on the Duster.

On the rear window one spoiler made of plastic, similar to the prototype is located. The device has a dual function, which serves as a support bar for transporting items extensive length, joined in solidarity to the roof bars, forming a kind of unique.

Renault not yet provided official information about its mechanics, but no changes are overcome regarding the SUV.

The pickup Renault Duster Oroch occurs in Brazil for the entire region and its launch will mean the opening of an unpublished segment as it is a product that is will be located halfway between the pickups Segment Segment B and D. However not be alone much longer, as Fiat prepares a product similar to that for the moment it is known by its internal identification Project 226. [1.99901 million ]






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