Official: The Honda NSX will have 573 horses

The new generation of the Honda NSX will have 3 electric motors and a V6 engine that together will produce 573 horsepower. It will also have four-wheel drive.

Honda-NSX-3Andl development of the new generation of the Honda NSX is now several years old, and their production will start in the united States just the next year. While the japanese brand had already released several technical data about this supercar, now the time has come to know the exact figures power and final speed.

it Is a hybrid product, which has a biturbo engine with block V6 and 3.5-liter in the front, mounted longitudinally, which develops a power of 500 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and 550 Nm of torque obtained between 2000 and 6000 rpm. The impeller is associated with a Twin Motor Unit (TMU), which is not more than a pair of electric motors that provide momentum to the front wheels and which produce 72 horses force additional, with 146 Nm of torque.

in Addition, the maximum torque of the engine is assisted by a third electrical unit, which is mounted between V6 engine and transmission 9-speed with a double clutch, with a total of 48 horses additional and 148 Nm of torque, which is used with the mission to cover any turbo lag, in addition to serving as a generator of power to supply the lithium-ion battery that gives impetus to the power train front. As a result, the combined power of the new Honda NSX is 573 horsepower, by adding to the engine’s maximum torque and the two electric strikers.

3 electric motors, a twin-turbo V6, 573 hp and 4-wheel drive for the new Honda NSX.

This mechanical assembly allows the sport to reach the 307 kilometres per hour maximum speed, whereas their figures of acceleration have not yet been released.

Honda has named this technology as Twin Motor Unit. The electric motors use a lithium ion battery that is placed between the V6 engine and the seats. Despite the technology used, its weight is kept in the 1.725 kg, a remarkable result, taking into account their characteristics. This was possible thanks to the use of lightweight materials, such as aluminum used in the chassis, and the carbon fiber used in the floor and the ceiling.

in Addition, it has a system which is called Dynamics System (IDS), which offers four driving modes selectable by the driver: Quiet, Sport, Sport+ and Track. mode Quiet is conducive to the way electric-only driving at low speeds, maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing the noise within the passenger compartment, and since the V6 engine is limited to 4,000 rpm.

mode Sport eliminates the limit of 4,000 rpm in the engine and provides a map of acceleration more aggressive to a more rapid response. Sport + allows for a maximum response and a dynamic performance more aggressive. Finally, the mode Track is optimized for the driving within a circuit, with the parameters preset to deliver faster lap times.

As promptly happened with the NSX first generation, the product is expected to offer a level of performance similar to that of the supercars Italian or british, although with a rate that could be closer to that of an Audi R8.

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