Official: The low-cost brand Volkswagen will arrive in 2018 with 3 models


Volkswagen-Low-Cost-2016 H ace months tested Volkswagen launching an sub-brand low-cost intended specifically to emerging markets. But after many twists and turns, finally the adventure already has official date, since in 2018 will release to market three models .

In 2018 there will be SUV, sedan and hatchback of the new low-cost brand of VAG.

The confirmation came from the president himself VAG group Martin Winterkorn , who in recent statements made by German newspaper Bild said that Volkswagen is the desire to be present with this new brand in all segments .

Winterkorn said that in just over two years, launched a new family of products under a new brand and a range initially comprised an SUV, a sedan and hatchback of hatchback with a price range that will from 8000 to 11 000 euros .

And the latter is a revealing fact, as I cornered the project began to take shape towards the end of 2012, there was talk of products that could be split between 5 and 7 billion euros. But it appears that ea price range was not compatible with the standards of quality that Volkswagen aims for its products.

This is a family of products that will be offered initially in China, but at a later stage plan to offer them in Africa, India, Eastern Europe and South America .

In principle it is contemplated manufacture these products in China , which is the first market that will arrive after a planned investment of 18,200 million euros to be able to reach a production capacity of 4 million units . But Winterkorn indicated that will also be produced in other countries where there is interest and check the products viable.

But what Winterkorn did not explain is how this new brand will be positioned markets where Volkswagen already offers products low-cost , such is If South America where and are offered Volkswagen Gol Fox and Voyage , which fall within the category of low-cost vehicles.


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