Official: the new classification system of F1 will full from the first race

GP Australia MelbourneThe FIA announces the approval of a new classification system agreed by the World Council of the that we did echo of the news in your day by having a future a little uncertain. The new system of classification is divided into Q1, Q2 and Q3, but with some very important changes that will affect the traffic on the track, as the cars will be rolling more consistently not to lose his position, eliminating downtime and making the action on the track will come up.

The new system has been approved as an official at a meeting of the World Council of motorsport, which was held in Geneva, Switzerland. There has been adopted a system somewhat committed not at all liked. Ecclestone hinted that the new system could not implement immediately, but on the other hand, the FOM denied. In addition, Ferrari is one of the computers that you do not agree and threatened to use its right to veto for which this norm is not leaving forward.

Alonso GP JapĆ³n 2015spoke to be able to implement in the GP of Spain for the first time, because the software was not ready for this system of classification, and time was needed for its adaptation. In contrast, now all of this seems to belying and finally will be used from the first GP of the season, in Australia. You may not like it to many, will not be good for cars with less reliability, since it forces them to roll over without stop if you do not want to be declassified if someone improves… And with changing climate also may be something more chaotic.

on 22 February, the teams met to find solutions to improve the show and the agreed way of doing it is, with this new classification system, where the Q1 will have 16 min of duration and the pilot more slow fall off after the 7 min early and from there, every 90 seconds, they are eliminated progressively until only the remaining 15 on the track. The same for the Q2 where it will be 8 and will go on to Q3 that will only last 14 min and you will have 8 participants. The disposal in Q3 will begin after 5 min of the start of the session and will repeat the elimination until there is only the Poleman….