Official: there Will be an Abarth 500X

The Abarth 500X will be a reality. The new product has been confirmed by the chief of Abarth Paolo Gallardo. The model could arrive next year along with the variant Abarth the 124 Spider.


Hace-time that from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles come talking about the possible arrival of a Abarth 500X. First was the chief designer of Fiat Roberto Giolitti who suggested that it might be a good idea, albeit without providing too many details, he said that a variant dynamics of the 500X was in consideration. Later on, the operational manager of FCA Alfredo Altavilla, suggested in an interview with Auto Express, the 500x is in the expansion plans of Abarth, though again without providing specific details.

But this week, according to reports AutomotiveNews, the own capo Abarth Paolo Gallardo was responsible for to confirm the arrival on the market of the Abarth-tuned 500X. The confirmation occurs after a prototype out photographed whilst carrying out running tests on a public road. The thick camouflage failed to conceal the double output exhaust and wheels of larger diameter, which suggested the development of a possible variant prestacional.

During the same interview Gallardo confirmed that the next year will debut in the market a new product from Abarth, although he did not specify if this new model will be the 500X, or otherwise the variant Abarth’s convertible 124 presented recently in the united States.

Something is changing in the Abarth and that is a good sign. After some decades of neglect, the brand founded by Carlo Abarth seems to be more alive than ever, thanks to the new models that are to come, his return to the WRC and to the museum and restoration center specialized Abarth Classiche that the brand has just opened in Italy.