Official: This is the pickup Fiat Bull

The pickup Fiat Toro is already official, after learning of your first picture that shows your body in its entirety. It measures 4.9 metres long and has a load capacity of one thousand kilograms.

Fiat ToroCon a brief press release that just points out that it is a product that is robust and sophisticated, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles introduced the first official image of the pickup Fiat Bull.

The only official figure has to do with its dimensions, since the m,ark Italian confirmed that measured 4.915 meters long, in addition to having a capacity of load of a ton and space for five occupants. The brand puts the emphasis on stating that it is a product that unites the best of two worlds, namely the comfort of a luxury automobile and the versatility of a vehicle with cargo space and off-road capabilities.

By the time it is all the information there is, but certainly in the course of the next few weeks Fiat will disseminate additional data.

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