Official: This is the restyling of the BMW 3 Series


BMW-Serie-3-MY2015-M3-1 L to update half life of the BMW 3 Series and took official capacity, after the German mark disseminate all new [1.99901 million] features and official photographs . It is a facelift that visually changed little or nothing, but it brings with still a lot of updates in regards to his [1.99901 million] mechanics and [1.99901 million] technologies present in the model.

The aesthetic changes were minor, peo no mechanical innovations.

As was the case until now, its exterior aesthetics is modified according to the chosen finish, being M Line those of more aggressive format. This means that the bumpers for some of the four types of coating may differ.

Both normal and the Sport Line, M Line and Luxury Line, now have two front headlights renewed, in some cases equipped with lights Xenon and other technology full LED .

Although this is one of the few changes, the new silhouette formed by the LED strip of daytime running lights, you give the front a new personality, if you want [1.99901 million] something more aggressive . Also new bumpers, the rear lights have now incorporated LED technology and a new range of colors available for the body.

BMW-Serie-3-MY2015-M3-2 Inside the changes are not many either, as just BMW was limited to include new variants in the finish, with renewed upholstery some additional chrome and new color combinations. However, the press release mentions an improved quality, which should be checked.

now offers a 4-cylinder, 2 liters TwinPower turbo with 252 hp.

The multimedia team has browser has been updated and that for three years will be updated for free and automatic if it is linked to a smartphone that has an Internet connection .

Under the hood there is some news. The main one is the adoption of a new engine-block 4-cylinder and 2.0-liter, twin-turbo and direct injection system, which produces [1.99901 million] 252 horsepower when It is associated with an automatic transmission ZF eight-speed, gets a consumption [1.99901 million] 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers mixed use.

In addition it is also the block of six cylinders and 3.0 liters engine, twin turbo and direct injection that delivers 326 horses and allows it to accelerate from [1.99901 million] 0-100 kph in 5.1 seconds , all with a fuel consumption of 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers when paired with the ZF eight relations.



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