Official: Volkswagen announces to 50,000 cars most affected in Spain (by manipulating consumption and emissions)

Volkswagen wants the transparency and the commitment to resolve the fraud of the TDI and the CO2, is your flag from now on. And probably that is the reason why this week it was announced that 800,000 cars would have manipulated their consumption approved and emissions of CO2, without which apparently no government agency would have uncovered before. In Spain, Volkswagen also has been slow to react, and we already know that there are affected around 50,000 cars, with diesel and petrol engines. What will happen from now on? How will it affect those who have embraced the Plan PIVE?

¿What models are affected? Volkswagen has not yet announced the list of models and engines affected, a figure which is really important to clarify what has happened. According to Bloomberg, would be affected models Volkswagen Polo, Golf and Passat; the Audi A1 and A3; the Skoda Octavia; and the SEAT Ibiza SEAT Lion. Between the engines affected, Volkswagen claimed that the majority were diesel, but according to Bloomberg would also be affected by the gasoline engine of 1.4 liters.


What happen from now on? Good question. Volkswagen has announced that they will take care of the consequences of this new irregularity, of this new fraud regarding its approval of emissions CO2 and consumption. One of the major problems that are faced in Spain is the fact a few aid for the purchase, and a tax burden – in concept of Registration Tax – directly dependent on the emissions of CO2 approved.

so that, if it is demonstrated that these engines have managed to get rid of taxes, or have received support that did not correspond to adulterate their emissions CO2, the authorities could request the return of amounts that correspond to.

In this regard, Volkswagen has announced that they will take care of all costs, including aid (Plan PIVE) that the State has provided to the customers.

Source: Volkswagen
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